How to Scale Bitcoin?

I was at the Scalingbitcoin developer conference this weekend, and I have to admit that I was quite impressed by the quality of the presentations and the spirit of collaboration that I experienced there.

Okay, I’m going to have to confess.  As being likely the one who first coined the term “schism fork”, having hearing people refer to that term at the conference made me sort of feeling guilty of helping to foment exactly the kind of divisive behaviour among the community that we should be trying to avoid.  It was then with a sense of relief that I came away from the conference with a new sense of confidence in Bitcoin and the ability of the developers, users, and mining community to come together and share their ideas and work on how to help Bitcoin grow.  As one of the miners put it, “money is worth nothing if you cannot use it”

There were 4 major scaling themes at the conference, and I think the organizers did a great job of making sure that they covered all the bases in order to answer a lot of what the public wanted to know about the current state of the Bitcoin ecosystem and what we are all doing about it.  There were other talks which dealt with outlining the current problems in scaling Bitcoin, such as propagation delays, block censorship, and the Great Firewall of China which certainly add colour to the discussion, but I will focus only on topics which proposed solutions.

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