Modus Operandi

Most manifestos start with a bang, while some with a whisper, some with cries to ideology, others with just appeals to common sense.  My manifesto is to be the frank voice of a technologist who has been working on Wall Street for over 12 years.  I pledge to “keep it real” and tell it like it is.  A cigar, Freud would argue is symbolic of many things.  None of which terribly interests me at all.  So if you are of the kind of person who enjoys waxing philosophical opinions without supporting facts rooted in science, then my writings will no doubt be annoying to you at best, aggravating at worst.  This is how I operate.  This is what over a decade working in the fast paced, pure, feral bastion of capitalism that is Financial institutions have taught me to become.  This is my modus operandi.

Look at me, I have completely forgotten my manners.  Please allow me introduce myself, my name is Jerry and I joined Wall Street straight out of college.  Armed with nothing else but an engineering degree, a penchant for computers and gaming, and big dreams of money growing on trees, I moved to New York from the rural north.  Working at one of the top 3 investment banking houses on the street for 10 years, I started first as a technologist in the Commodities trading desk, moving later on to the Foreign Exchange desk, Structuring, GUI systems, Equity algo trading, then finally back to FX.  Over the years, I have garnered a very varied experience with different technologies used at banks and have dealt first hand with the issues that arise from running systems upon which the basis of our capitalist society depends upon.

It is my endeavour to add comment and colour to the on-goings of banks and Wall Street, on the topics that I feel I am qualified to comment on.  And it is my hope that you will find the information provoking at worst, enlightening at best.


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